Curtain Walling

The high performance aluminium curtain walling solutions will help you create an iconic façade for new or refurbished commercial and residential buildings. They have been tested and developed to suit most environments to meet and exceed current building regulations. The curtain wall systems have slim sightlines and can have various mullion and transom depths, with components that can be constructed using stick build or ladder frame methods. The systems are pressure equalised, zone drained and the SF52 curtain walling can be mullion drained.

SF52 Curtain Walling

is our most flexible aluminium curtain walling with numerous options for all types of projects. They are manufactured with slim 52mm sightlines and enhanced thermal performance exceeding current building regulations. They are the ideal solution for high rise and ground floor projects specifically for the commercial market.

SCW Curtain Walling

is cost effective, with slim sightlines of 50mm, where you are able to choose between three mullion and four transom depths. It is constructed with semi-unitised zone-drained and pressure equalized aluminium. The SCW curtain walling can accept glazing up to 28mm thick depending on weight and other profiles can be incorporated making this a highly flexible system.

SCW+ Curtain Walling

is a thermally enhanced version of the SCW curtain walling, it includes larger thermal barriers with exceptionally high performance gaskets. This system has 50mm sightlines and is semi-unitised, zone drained and pressure equalised, with a choice of four transom and three mullion depths.

Hybrid Series 3 Curtain Walling

This system is manufactured in the UK made from a unique composite of low maintenance aluminium on the outside with highly thermal engineered timber on the inside. The fantastic thermal performance exceeds current building regulations and can incorporate matching windows and door options. The Hybrid Series 3 curtain walling is a traditional stick, compartmentally drained system and can accept glazing up to 28mm thick.